Lost? Bookmark Your Place In Style With Eco-Friendly pageCUES

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Though it's probably greener to just rescue scrap paper and post-its to bookmark your reading, the neat-freak bookworm in me couldn't resist these adorable themed bookmarks from UK-based design studio Gilbert13. Made from sustainably-sourced, recyclable cardboard, the colourful markers add a more organized and thoughtful touch to your book collection.
According to designers Angela and Mark Gilbert:

pageCUES simply slide onto the pages of your books and magazines making visual references to highlight things of interest. A set consists of 10 pageCUES and each one has a different graphic image based on a central theme. Currently there are 3 ranges available to buy: Woodland, Architecture and Parklife.

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With pageCUES, the idea apparently is to avoid the godforsaken, humble-jumble mess of raggedy markers sticking out of your books, and to instead create a more "graphical interface" marking your important pages:

When used as a collection a landscape is cultivated along the tops of your books and magazines adding beauty to an otherwise barren scene.

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I love the Architecture collection of bookmarks, which feature architectural classics like Le Corbusier and Gaudi.

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At under $6 US sans shipping, they're reasonably priced for a gift or personal splurge, but if you're looking to commission a range of themed pageCUES, the Gilberts are willing to oblige (you can contact them via their website).

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