Lose Unsightly Fat and Save Money Too: Live with Less


Justin showed us theTumbleweed Tiny House Company before, but listen to The Environment Report on living in one. The show interviews Tumbleweed's Jay Shafer, and also Gregory Johnson, who lives in a 140 square foot Tumbleweed house. Gregory is an example of how living with less can change your life:

"He [Jay] showed this little hole I was supposed to crawl through, the passageway to the upstairs to the loft and I thought I might have to lose some weight to get up in there (laughs)."

Johnson says he started really scaling back. He realized if he had a refrigerator, he'd just fill it up with ice cream and pizza. Things he really didn't need. So to save energy, he doesn't have a fridge at all. He started eating nuts and grains and fruit. By shrinking his life down to match his house he lost 100 pounds. :: The Environment Report


Gregory Johnson says it's possible to live a fulfilling life with a LOT less space... especially if you want to live high-tech. He doesn't need a filing cabinet (he scans books and papers into his laptop) and he has all his entertainment needs covered by his iPod. (Photos by Gregory Johnson)

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