Lose Excess Pounds and Inches Fast With The Original Green Urbanist Diet and Exercise Plan

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Steve before and after the Original Green Diet Plan®

Are you having trouble getting behind the wheel of your car because of excess poundage? Are you tired and listless? Then it is time to try the Original Green Diet Plan® Steve tells his story:

I was a tired old man at 43, as you can see in this picture [on the left]. I was also badly overweight... probably obese, actually.

Then Steve discovered urban living, and the Original Green Diet Plan®.
Steve discovered the effects that sprawl has on the health of our own bodies. He moved to the trendy South Beach part of Miami Beach and tells his incredible, heart warming (and heart healthy) story:

When I moved to South Beach, I found something I'd never experienced before: a place where it was actually fun to walk. And so Wanda and I found an office within walking distance of our condo. Next, we found a grocery store within a few blocks of home, and three more within a couple blocks of the office. We then picked out a bank and a doctor within walking distance. And a great bookstore. And then the Apple Store opened within walking distance.

So what happened to the tired old man? I came to South Beach at a portly (to be kind) 245 pounds. Before I'd finished losing, I was down to 185. I occasionally get back up to 205, but then I get busy again and get back down to a healthy weight. This is me now [on the right]... and the difference between now and then illustrates one of the great advantages of walkable places over sprawl.

Now there is no question that the architects' glasses and the Miami Vice jacket-on-T-shirt obligatory black outfit help, but Steve definitely looks happier and healthier. Not only that, he's RICHER, because the Original Green Diet Plan® is good for your wallet as well as your waistline. Steve saves about $10,000 per year by dumping his car and walking everywhere.

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Seriously, you don't need to move to South Beach, or even live right downtown, to follow the Original Green Diet Plan®, either. I was doing it without even realizing it, putting the old Miata in the garage (I can't bear to sell it) and cycling or walking all year round. I am healthier, skinnier for it.

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