Look Ma, No Solder: Amazing Scrap Sculptures Of Wildlife By Edouard Martinet (Photos)

edouard martinet junk sculpture photoPhotos: Edouard Martinet (Above: Frog made from car lights, iron and two chrome pieces of a car, rear legs are bumpers of a 1950's car and bike brakes; front legs from bike pieces, car-mirror parts and taps)

One man's junk is another man's art -- that's the phrase for the intricate wildlife art pieces by French artist Edouard Martinet, who crafts astoundingly detailed and life-like sculptures of fish, birds and insects from pieces of discarded junk -- but without any soldering!
edouard martinet junk sculpture photo
edouard martinet junk sculpture photo
edouard martinet junk sculpture photoA ruckus of scrap materials (Top: Grasshopper; Wings: Moped chain guards; Abdomen: Bike fender, Solex fender and old toys; Rear legs: Bike forks; Forlegs: Bike brakes; Ends of legs: plugs for plaster walls; Thorax and head: Car and bike parts; Antennae: Bike spokes. Middle: Fish; Body: Moped fenders and chain guards; Bones: Small spoons; Guts: Trumpet horns; Eyes: Flashlights; Fins: Fish slices. Bottom: Toad made from two big headlights taken from old cars; legs: brakes, rear lights and car mirror handles; mouth: ladle; eyes: car lights)

According to his website, the former graphic designer-turned-sculptor has been doing this for the last twenty years, finding his materials at flea markets and car scrap yards, which range from rusted kitchenwares, typewriter keys, car lights, brakes, chains and other pieces of scrap.

edouard martinet junk sculpture photo

Most amazingly, Martinet uses no soldering whatsoever, preferring to fit each piece like one would put together an intricate puzzle (the man must have a kind of persevering patience to be reckoned with). Understandably, each piece takes a long time to complete, due to the nature of his process, which involves a lot of draft sketches and trial-and-error assembly.

edouard martinet junk sculpture photo
edouard martinet junk sculpture photo
edouard martinet junk sculpture photo

It's really incredible how these sculptures burst with life, despite being made out of inanimate metal and plastic parts! For more info, check out Martinet's website and the Sladmore Gallery.

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