London's "Green" Strata Tower Wins Carbuncle Cup As Ugliest Building in Country

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When the Strata Tower hit the blogs a couple of months ago I could not bring myself to post about it; the Giant Philishave was just so out of scale and pig ugly. As for the benefits of the three turbines integrated into the structure, Sarah Rich at Fast Company used the word "pitiful."

But that hasn't stopped it from winning awards; It just won the Carbuncle Cup as the ugliest new building in Britain.

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BDonline describes it:

The building's grim stridency is exacerbated by its sporty livery of alternating black and white stripes, configured, needless to say, in voguish barcode distribution. And to literally cap it all off there are the three gargantuan wind turbines at the top. The architect has trumpeted that these could supply 8% of the building's energy requirements, which seems nothing much to shout about given the enormous expenditure in carbon that has been required to engineer such a baroque arrangement and the fact that this is a part of London that has absolutely no need for the creation of a 147m-tall tower.

For services to greenwash, urban impropriety and sheer breakfast- extracting ugliness, we hereby award the 2010 Carbuncle Cup to the Strata tower.

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Backgrounder: The "Monstrous Carbuncle" speech

The Carbuncle Cup is a referece to Prince Charles's famous 1984 speech in which he described a proposed addition to the National Gallery as "monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved and elegant friend". The speech kicked off an architectural style and philosophy war that continues to this day.

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