London Remade: £60,000 for Recycled Product Design


London Remade is a unique organization whose goal is to increase markets for recycled products and drive the development of an entrepreneurial recycling supply chain. They have £60,000 of London Development Agency (LDA) funding to support product development in London, and it must be used by the end of March 2006. That means that any and all UK TreeHuggers who have ever had a great idea for a DIY, repurposed product or new product design using recycled materials have a shot at some cash to help design, develop, manufacture or distribute the idea. Michael Marriott, a Project Manager for London Remade, adds: “We anticipate splitting the product development funding between several different projects. SMEs, designers, inventors and large corporate organisations are all encouraged to apply for some of the money, the only stipulations being that products must incorporate recycled content materials and should target London’s waste stream." Sound like something you've got up your sleeve? Go to London Remade's website for more info on how to apply. Do so with a hop in your step; the deadline for using the funds is March. Thanks to Simon for the tip! ::London Remade