London Plans First Mini 'Eco-City'


London Mayor Ken Livingstone has unveiled plans for London's first mini "eco city." It will have approximately 1,000 homes, and will aim to demonstrate that homes can be built in Britain without contributing to global warming. The London project stems from a proposal by Greenpeace and will be taken forward by the London Development Agency (LDA) with help from British engineering firm Arup. Stephen Tindale, executive director of Greenpeace, said: "Once again London is leading the way in the UK and Ken Livingstone is showing what can be done when a politician has the drive to turn aspirations into action. It's time central government took note of what is happening across the Thames." Livingstone said the capital's eco city should set standards for the rest of London and Britain when building houses in the future, adding "I think it will be mandatory. This is the model we want." The mayor hopes to break ground within a year. ::Gulf Times via ::Alternative Source