London Design Festival Kicks Off with a Ban

shigeru ban tower

London Design Festival has kicked off with a bang, oops Ban. It's a new temporary structure by Japanese architect, and TreeHugger favourite, Shigeru Ban. He has worked with a cardboard manufacturer to create this 22 metre high tower made out of compressed cardboard tubes.

As part of the the Size +Matter project, architects and designers are commissioned to push the limits with their use of a particular material. This one shows cardboard's structural strength--the same material used for boxes has turned into a tower.

ban tower

Located on the bank of the Thames River and visible from afar, strollers can wander in and look up and see how the tubes narrow to a single cone at the top. Metal joints are used to hold it together. Ban is known for his disaster relief projects - in particular the cheap housing made from plywood and recycled cardboard tubes.


Marc Newson has created Supercell. Working with a steel company, this structure made out of pastel coloured enamel steel panels is comprised of 17 different shapes. The lightly coloured interlocking forms make us look at the use of steel differently. Newson says: "The starting point for this project was the underlying structure of biological growth. I used a conic section and a hexagonal grid to express biological forms in this installation."

The London Design Festival carries on all week, and TreeHugger will be posting regularly to bring you all the latest in environmental and interesting green design.

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