London Design Festival is an Eclectic Mix

wilcox dominic shoes photo

The London Design Festival is all over town--there are small pockets of exhibitions everywhere and some wonderful surprises to be found.

As in this display, Field, by Dominic Wilcox. Using 400 pairs of Terra Plana ethical shoes, the laces rise up together like blades of grass and "grow" towards the light.


Martino Gamper created this Chair Arch of local ercol chairs at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Posed beside a reflecting pool, the coloured arches compete with the Victorian facade of the building and are not as grand or majestic as they could be. The Victorians did it first and this is in homage to that event.

wasted at v & a photo

Also at the Museum in the tunnel entrance to the building, is a recycled installation called Wasted. It is created to draw attention to the tons of un-recycled waste that ends up in landfill. Telling a story of tea drinking in Britain, the architects use recycled old canvas bags as seats, and have covered the walls with silver pleated tea-sacks. Old fire hoses are hung from the ceiling to make this eerie jewel-like environment.


The Dock is a new venue this year, curated by noted British design Tom Dixon. There are quite a few new finds here. This very utilitarian looking coat hanger is by Nick Fraser. He uses industrial materials like exposed old copper pipes to create home items including candelabra and umbrella stands, . They are functional and have a raw energy about them.


This furniture is a mix of old and new. UnCut is the work of designer Michael Warren. He has taken an old beat-up chair and changed two parts of it to Perspex. Like a rough gem stone (hence the name UnCut), the chair changes from a throw-away to a design item.


Over at Skandium, a Scandinavian design store, this Danish plate with a knitted hat was irresistible. The whole collection is knitted by Barley Massey, who uses recycled materials for these witty one-offs. This hat will keep the plate warm.


Other creations included the iconic Aalto vase encased in varying shades of green knitting. Knitting classes will be held so that anyone can make their own.

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