London Design Festival: Gnocchi Bar

gnocchi dinner photo
It's not your usual addition to a Design Festival, but it tastes good and it is very stylish, so why not. Arabeschi di Latte is a group of Italian feminist architects who focus on food and our relationship to it. They create events and performances relating to experiential responses to food.

At London Design Festival they set up a gnocchi bar and a tiny temporary cooking studio. In a small corner of Designersblock, passers-by could learn to prepare gnocchi, a traditional italian potato dish. The pot of water was boiling away and participants were given their own pre-boiled potato. They peeled it, minced it and and rolled it and made it themselves, and then ate it. It's performance art.

twisted cutlery photo

The women make their own cutlery as well. They take old vintage forks and spoons and customise them. The ones on show were wrapped in electric wire. Others have had a bell at the end, or a fur tail added.

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Other events have included a lament for the lost bananas at the Milan Design Fair. There they set up a banana party, with a kiosk in memory of bananas. This was because of their fear that the banana could die out in the next ten years, due to genetic modifications. :: Arabeschisilatte
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