London Design Festival: Conceptual KithKin

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We're not really sure what it is--conceptual for sure and worth a smile as well. KithKin is a small loosely associated group of designers (friends and family) that likes to challenge our preconceptions and how we look at things. As they say, design "at its most fun, dangerous and at times even impractical."

Louise Graham takes everyday objects like an egg carton and transforms them. She adds ceramic decoration and makes a plastic milk jug into something beautiful. A butter container gets a flowered porcelain knob. An egg crate has a ceramic base. It's recycling in a different way.

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Lorna Robertson likes to make comments on our consumer society. In this work (pictured) she baked muffins and took them to a shop and tried to buy them. She created the posters to explain her actions. In another work, she wrote a book, secretly filed it in the library under "fiction" and then tried to take it out. The librarians had to then register it on the system so that she could check it out.

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These candles are changeable; you can add or subtract as many as you like, depending on the birthday or occasion. Or you can burn them upside down like a candelabra. :: KithKin Presents
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