London Design Festival 2010: Sebastian Cox, Sustainable Craftsmanship from Britain (Photos)

sebastian cox at tent london photo

Sebastian Cox at Tent London. Image Credit: Sergio Carratala for TreeHugger

We met a charming young designer at Tent London this year, who also makes unique beautiful wooden furniture. Sebastian Cox is a furniture designer-maker based in Lincoln, who doesn't shy from technology and shares his research and work for the Master degree as well as a few more private adventures via his blog. The series 'Products of Silviculture' is primarily designed using coppiced hazel, a strong, fully renewable and abundant material from the UK's forests. Cox's designs could be described as timeless pieces, due to their unique and discreet aesthetics, and ability to accommodate wear or patina. It is important for Cox that the user develops a relationship to each object, and feels that he or she really own the piece.

sebastian cox lightweight chair photo

The Suent chair is made by weaving and steam bending, and is exceptionally strong and light, weighing only 1.8kgs. Read more about this chair in London Design Festival: Chairs are Us

Cox, who rarely designs making sketches, but rather works straight away with the material, beautifully handcrafts the pieces. He collects the wood for each piece himself in the forest. All objects are designed to be lightweight, both structurally and aesthetically. Cox aims to promote the use of hazel as a contemporary material; an abundant resource that, he feels, is hugely overlooked in the UK.

sebastian cox wood objects photo

Same clever mechanism for 'Brish' Hat Stand (detail) and 'Rod' Desk Lamp

To find out more about Sebastian Cox and his view on sustainable design, read his Manifesto, with which we totally agree. The 'Rod' Desk Lamp is available for £135 ::Sebastian Cox

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