London Design Festival 2010: Julika Welge's Growing & Repairable Felt Carpet


Image Credit: Julika Welge

Here is an interesting idea for a rug made of pieces of felt. We stumbled upon Julika Welge's Growing Carpet at this year's Designersblock at the London Design Festival, where the bright colours and the rich texture first caught our eyes. Then we realised that this carpet is made of single identical parts that allow you to shape the rug to your likings. You can order the number of pieces and colour combinations you desire to create your own carpet. With this technique, additional fasteners or backing and glues are unnecessary, which makes this rug an easily recyclable product. In fact, the pieces are made of felt, a totally renewable and biodegradable material.

growing carpets instructions by Julika Welge Image

Image Credit: Julika Welge

What we also like is that this rug is easily repairable, by simply replacing only the damaged or dirty parts. As often with gorgeous felt carpets, maintaining them is the hardest bit (think wine spills and dirty shoes), and often shortens the lifespan of the rug drastically. It seems Welge has found a solution to this, without giving up the plush texture.

Check out Welge's web site for more eco-designs. And if you feel creative, why not use the Growing Carpet pieces to create other objects such as curtains, wall dividers, lamp shades... ::Julika Welge

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