Lomborg Caught off Guard by Pawlyn's Robust Argument for Restorative Design (VIDEO 1 of 3)

Michael Pawlyn debates with Bjorn Lomborg photo.jpg

As you can imagine TreeHugger is always keen to hear of someone taking influential climate change skeptic Bjorn Lomborg down a peg or two, whether it's Stephen Colbert or Joe Romm or, as happened most recently, the British architect Michael Pawlyn of Exploration. Pawlyn, he of the incredible Sahara Forest Project, caught a visibly shaken Lomborg off guard at the British Council for Offices 2009 conference with an unequivocal dismantling of Lomborg's economic theories of cost of climate change by arguing for restorative architecture inspired by nature. Click through to check out Part 1 of Pawlyn's presentation...

Watch out for Part 2 of Pawlyn's presentation which goes on to explain how the Sahara Forest Project can create zero carbon food, renewable energy and abundant fresh water in some of the most water stressed areas on the planet.

Via: Exploration
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