Lola, a Non-Light-Polluting LED Street Lamp, Wins the Delta'12 Spanish Design Award (Photos)

Lola Street light by La Granja© Metalco

Amongst the winners of the Delta'12 Awards, an international competition for best product design by the Spanish Design Association ADI-FAD, is the Lola street lamp by LaGranja for Metalco. The streetlight is made from aluminum and is fully recyclable as well as mercury-free due to the use of LEDs. To avoid vandalism such as graffiti-tags and stickers, the base of the lamp is textured.

Lola street light by La Granja© Metalco

The Spanish design studio explains, that unlike most street lights, Lola doesn't emit a blinding light. Instead, the light is first directed into the lamp's head and then reflected evenly towards the street:

Lola´s coated reflector collects the entire LEDs’ emission and directs the light to the central projector. This offers several advantages: the LED’s side emission does not get wasted, the light remains uniform, and does not blind or lose intensity, yielding high efficiency when illuminating the target.

Lola Street Lamp by LaGranja© LaGranja

Congratulations for winning the Silver Delta'12 Award with this non-light-polluting, energy-efficient and recyclable street light, and also to Álex Fernández Camps's Orbea Grow Bike for winning the Gold Delta'12 Award!

Lola Street Lamp by LaGranja© LaGranja

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