Living on the Edge: Is Humanity Running Out of Space?

PAREDE A Gentil Carioca Casa by Tiago and Gabriel Primo photo

Image: Tainá de Miranda Soares/VC no G1

Are humans running out of living space? Or just a species that is at home where we find ourselves? These are questions provoked by an exhibit at the Gallery A Gentil Carioca in Rio de Janeiro. Two artists, the brothers Tiago and Gabriel Primo, are living up to 14 hours a day in a "house" mounted high on the wall on the outside of the gallery building. Tiago and Gabriel use mountain climbing equipment and training grips to move between bunkbeds, an antique grammaphone on the chest of drawers, a loveseat, a hammock and a table with chair -- all screwed securely in place. The display is intended to provoke a reaction from passers-by in a city known for people living on the streets. What are the most curious experiences the brothers report?People ask if the artists are dolls, then are shocked to discover that they are real people. The hardest part of the demonstration, according to the brothers, is staying put when it rains and listening to the drunks who want to relate their whole life stories during the night. When nature calls, the brothers leave the wall to use the facilities in the nearby gallery.

Living on the edge in rio de janeiro photo

Image: Tássia Thum/G1

"Is it a protest?" photographer Marcos Nascimento asked. "It is a pity that not everyone has the time to do this sort of thing!" It is not the first time a commentary on the human condition has graced the wall at A Gentil Carioca. See more of the surprises that keep passersby in Rio de Janeiro curious to see what comes next at A Gentil Carioca. The exhibit runs through 22 August on the rua Gonçalves Ledo in Rio de Janeiro.

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