Living in Glass Houses: Vodafone's Solar Powered Mobile Home


Vodafon is sending this solar powered minihome around Spain to promote their telephone and internet services, complete with a family of four that is blogging about it at La Casa Móvil. Designers Waskman design studio, with creative space Culdesac, squeezed a lot into not much space. No doubt the glass wall makes it feel bigger, albeit without much privacy.


Designboom tells us:

The structure is made of white polyethylene panels and transparent polycarbonate. Its mobility comes from being towed by a patrol four-wheel-drive vehicle. The moving space is 6 meters in length (20') , has a width of 2.5 meters (8'-4") and stands at 3.85 meters high, (12' 10") divided between two floors. it has a modernized interior which is organized like a loft with an open bedroom upstairs on the home's second floor.


Google Translation of specifications:



The Sleeping loft looks comfortable. If only the material selection were a little greener it would be another great demonstration of small space design and mobile living.


More at Designboom, via Jetson Green
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