Living in a Low-Carbon Home... From the People Doing It


We love green homes, and take every opportunity we can to proclaim their benefits. Now, you don't simply have to take our word for it: you can read the stories of people who've been living in eco-friendly housing. The BBC today features the first-person accounts of artist Clare Bull and mental health specialist Elizabeth Dunn about their experiences with low-carbon housing. In both cases, the women make an important point: green homes really aren't much different from their more traditional counterparts. Bull, for instance, praises features of Leicester's EcoHouse, where she lived for nine months:

The EcoHouse is a showhome but I lived there is if it was my real house and it was inspiring to see how easy it was to live like this.

All the energy in the house was from an environmentally-friendly source. My previous house was not eco-friendly in any way and this was something I really wanted to learn about.

The thing about the EcoHouse is that it isn't that different from a normal house. Daily life isn't affected really because you are living in a way that helps the environment.

She even likes the composting toilets, and her only complaint involved some noise from a rooftop wind turbine.

Dunn points out the composting bin and the radiant heat in her Brixton, South London building, and notes "It's completely normal. I think it's so important people start to live like this. It's easy, cheap and helps the environment." We can't think of a better testimonial to green living! ::BBC News via linton at Hugg

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