LiveRoof: Instant Gratification for a Green Roof


TreeHugger loves green roofs, loves modular, and wants it all now. So what could be better than a modular removable green roof system that is delivered fully grown? That's what Michigan company Liveroof's "prevegetated modular green roof system" offers. Anywhere in North America, instant green roof gratification. Liveroof makes the modules from 100% recycled polyproylene; then local growers deliver and install.



It is not the lightest system at 30 pounds per square foot fully loaded and wet, and probably not the cheapest, but the great thing about a modular roof is that if anything goes wrong underneath you can pick the pieces up and fix it.

It also presses all kinds of LEED buttons, racking up points like mad. And to quote Homer Simpson: "forty seconds? I want it now!"

::LiveRoof found at ::Construct Canada

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