Little Pink Houses Painted Green?

Well ain't that Israel... after more than a year writing about the environment climate over here in the Middle East, we were pleased to see green residential projects are taking root in these parts ...well that's what the title of an article we read in today's Haaretz promised: "Green Thinking Starts At Home". As we flitted through the article, we can still see the all-too obvious divide between the definition of green in Israel and what our US-based TreeHuggers are reporting.

A survey by Ambassador Real Estate when marketing a project found that most potential homebuyers have no idea what green building means: 86 percent of the respondents rejected the idea of paying more for such an apartment. The rest agreed to pay 5 percent more than a regular one would cost.

22190025.jpgJudging by the story, the green vision for developers in Israel is an anthropocentric one and not something that attempts to curb the ferocious pace of developing on open land. As an example, one "green" real estate developer Zeitouni is planning a 300 home residential neighborhood in Kfar Saba with large lots, and tree lined streets, the news story marvels. Additional green elements of building, the story reports, include the burying of antennae — something that modern North American neighborhoods have been doing for, what is it, at least 20 years? We do give a round of applause for the solar electricity systems expected to be installed in the new units. But the rest of the article (except for the sidebar) seems to be more about marketing green (which is okay in our books!) than the real deal.

For example, the story presents Innova Kitchens in Herzliya — a company marketing kitchen cupboards with a convenient method for separating recycling into different categories. There's nothing wrong with being prepared, and it is a cool tool to brag to your neighbors about, but no national recycling collection service exists in Israel. Little green houses for you and me, in Israel? Hopefully soon. TreeHugger related: Israel's Dudes & An Israeli green building contest ::Haaretz

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