Liteplug: LED Nightlight + Emergency Flashlight


Designed to help keep the lights on during and after the frequent earthquakes (and resulting power outages) in Japan, "Liteplug" is a combination motion-sensing nightlight/emergency flashlight. Leave it plugged in to the wall, and, as it gets dark when the sun goes down, a single light emitting diode (LED) emits a soft light; when someone walks past, the motion sensor picks it up and the light perks up, turning on all three bulbs so you don't walk in to a wall.


When the power goes down, the light turns itself on -- there must be a little battery in there, something which the designers aren't very forthcoming about...hmm -- and the diffuser that covers the bulbs slides down to block the motion sensor, and you can pull it out of the wall to use as an emergency flashlight. It doesn't look like it'd illuminate much in a pitch-black basement, but it'd probably help you see well enough to not trip down the stairs. It's designed by Industrial Facility for IDEA International, in Japan, and remains, at this point, a "forthcoming" concept. More pics after the jump. ::Industrial Facility via ::MoCo Loco

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