Lisbon Store Interior Built From Cardboard

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Fabrizio Gallanti of Abitare, the wonderful Italian design magazine, sends us LOW, a store and bar in Lisbon designed by Pedro Campos Costa and built entirely out of cardboard. The products sold are all made from at least 50% recycled materials, so it is logical that the designer built the store completely out of cardboard.

low abitare cardboard design photo wall

The designer writes:

In times of crisis and in need of changing, the bar/store "Low reduce, recycle, reuse", tries new ways to warm up the afternoons in Bairro Alto, proposing sustainable solutions. In fact, It wants to be a place where materials are available and that sells designer items, made of ecological materials or only recycled....The Low space, projected and created by Pedro Campos Costa, consists of a big movable bench that has only be made of paperboard with no gluing.

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