Light Weekend Post: Recycled Paper Ad


The copy of this recycled paper ad reads: "There are easier ways to help the environment." In semi-related news, we've learned that the pictures from our post "Air Pollution Guerrilla Marketing in Chicago" are indeed proof of concept mock-ups (there was some discussion about that in the comments of that post). According to this, they were made by Jesse Freese and he says that "that real ads should be appearing on the streets near the beginning of June, along with television spots, radio spots, newspaper ads, and posters created by Jesse and other students as part of Laurence Minsky's 'Ad Agency' class." So Chicago TreeHuggers, keep an eye open and let us know when you see the real thing. We're curious to know how well it works. ::Adparade, via ::Coolz0r. See also: ::Air Pollution Guerrilla Marketing in Chicago, ::Atmospheric Pollution Ads from Singapore