Light Bulb Packaging: The Package Becomes the Product


Smart packaging design is definitely part of our green future, if for no other reason that packaging that goes in the garbage after you unwrap it is just dumb. Designer Olivia Cheung gets this, and put this ethic to work in her Light Bulb Packaging. An intricate, laser-cut paper box transforms from protective shell to beautiful lamp in a few quick bends and folds (an idea that reminds us of lite2go by knoend), leaving nothing to throw away, and nothing for you to do but bask in its warm glowing warming glow. Just be sure to pop a compact fluorescent bulb in there before lighting up. More pictures and details below the fold; hit her website to see a flash animation of the product in action. ::Olivia Cheung via ::dezeenolivia-cheung-light-bulb-packaging1.jpg

The product was first shown at the New Designers show in London in June.


Olivia's designer's statement:

Olivia has always been interested in art and design and being creative from an early age. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Olivia grew up in Wigan, United Kingdom.

She studied Art Foundation at Winstanley College and was awarded with a Distinction in 2004. She later went to study for a degree in Three Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton.

Her work is about creating unique objects that have a sense of intrigue, which are inspired by popular culture, the environment around her, and finding interesting ways of using materials.

Olivia’s interests lie in the concept of being able to reuse objects, as some objects take on other more interesting uses that become diverse from their original function, such as her Light Bulb Packaging.


Tags: Lighting | Zero Waste


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