LifeEdited: So Many Great Ideas, So Little Time Left

lifeedited graham hill living with less photo architetta

We're crowdsourcing design at the LifeEdited project, a contest to design some or all of Graham Hill's 420 square foot apartment in New York. As the clock runs out, (just a few days left to enter) I have to say that the ideas submitted so far are amazing. Above:

architetto: The movable wall moves like clock hands to offer, to arrange, to add, to remove and to divide the space. This is the perfect apartment for Graham or anyone who sleeps past the alarm clock or forgets about meals. The whole apartment is a clock, with moving walls that delineate difffent activities, pivoting like hands of a clock. Program it to dump you out of bed, stop work and have lunch, essentially run your life according to your houseclock. I want this.

lifeedited graham hill living with less photo speedycri

speedycri has put together some very clever furniture that reminds me of English campaign furniture, on x-braces with folding tops. Cheerio!


Idesign not only produced a design, but an essay on design" Design is: Analysis, Preliminary design, Functional element design, general and detailed plans It is quite amazing.The design isn't so bad, either.

lifeedited graham hill living with less photo jessicamondo

Jessicamondo8 uses the bathroom as a wild and crazy design element that divides and defines the spaces. She writes that The project is the effective selection and placement of light, materials, insulation and technology. Critics are so boring: " I am a bit worried about the bathroom" or "Can the bathroom be reduced in scale and tucked back even further?" Design is about experimentation. Tell them "NO!"

lifeedited graham hill living with less photo wnwm

WNWM: One single element to satisfy the owner and his guest and living the space in a different way It is a monster piece of transformer furniture that serves a number of functions. I hope the designer will put it into production!

Do you have ideas for a small apartment? Enter soon at LifeEdited.

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