Lifecycle Building Challenge


"Lifecycle building is the design of building materials, components, information systems, and management practices to create buildings that facilitate and anticipate future changes to and eventual adaptation or dismantling for recovery of all systems, components, and materials." The EPA is running a competition to "to change how people think about, design, and construct and deconstruct buildings." One can submit:

* Building: an entire building from foundation to roof
* Component: a single building assembly, system, or connector
* Service: a tool, method, or other idea

They say that "Because buildings take a major toll on the environment, the Challenge calls upon its contestants to address real world issues." But even though these are "real world issues" , they have to be real American responses; entries are limited to "U.S. citizens or lawful temporary or permanent residents of the U.S." That counts out a lot of good ideas. ::Lifecycle Building Challenge