Life Inside a 7x12' Portable, Tiny House (Video)

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Image credit: Peak Moment TV

From posting on the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company back in 2005 to announcing the birth of the first Tiny House Conference, TreeHugger has been following the growth of the tiny house movement with enthusiasm for years. But what does life inside one of these minute dwellings look like? Peak Moment TV sat down for a conversation with one tiny house dweller—discussing everything from permitting to social stigma to finding community.

This isn't the first time that Peak Moment has looked at notions of voluntary simplicity. From living simply as an alternative American Dream, to exploring the concept of urban humanure composting toilets, there have been plenty of episodes that focus on alternative lifestyles that reject some or all of the notions of material wealth that are supposed to go along with a "successful" Western lifestyle.

While the opportunity to see inside one of these beautiful tiny houses is valuable in itself, it is the wide-ranging and thoughtful conversation that makes this, like so many other Peak Moment episodes, worth while. A tiny house life may not be for everybody—and it seems unlikely to become the mainstream of greener living in the immediate future—but it is a great reminder to all of us that careful design and mindful living can deliver a comfortable life for a fraction of the cost, or the resources, associated with your average home.

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