Less is the New More: Building Loft and Alcove Beds


Loft, bunk or alcove beds save a lot of space, but it is a huge pain to make the bed. CIA International (no relation to the American institution with the same initials) developed this ingenious mechanism to lift and tilt the bed out so that making it is a snap. That is the key- you can design bunks and alcoves, but they have to be easy to use.


for those who didn't like the idea of sleeping under their desk in the Mobelform design, this offers the alternative approach of sleeping over it.


In the American dream home, each kid gets a private bedroom and bath; in Italy they use good design to get up to three kids on one wall of a room. "with SLED it is possible to group everything that is needed to furnish a room for 3 children against a single wall. And without Mum wearing herself out, thanks to "PRATICO"!


::CIA International