Less Is More: Yotel'sTiny Hotel Rooms


Yotel is a hotel built with rooms described as a cross between Japanese capsule hotels and first-class airline cabins, but I think they are more boat-like. The first, at London's Gatwick Airport, is developed by UK sushi king Simon Woodroffe and designed by industrial designers Priestman Goode. Trend-watching Springwise calls it "no frills chic."

According to the press release, "YO! Founder Simon Woodroffe conceived the innovative YOTEL cabins to provide a flexible and convenient 'first class' hotel experience at affordable prices. The next generation cabins come fully equipped with en-suite bathrooms, free Wifi and wired internet access and 'techno wall' entertainment systems."

We think it shows that with good design one can squeeze a lot of living into a very small space.


More from press release:

"Designed to offer a solution to boring and expensive hotels around the globe", says CEO Gerard Greene, the cabins come with all the facilities you would expect from a comfortable hotel room to enable work, relaxation, sleep, refreshment and entertainment. Designers built upon the technology and advanced use of space seen in business class airline cabins and luxury yachts to realise the three tier YOTEL cabin system.


Features within the cabins include:

• Techno wall with clothes storage, pull down working desk with charging points, network cable socket and free Wifi and wired internet access

• Mood lighting and luxury bedding to induce relaxation

• Bathroom with luxury fittings including shower, bespoke revitalising body wash, hairdryer, and soft towels with a heated mirror

• Flat screen TV system with over 60 free TV stations including Sky Sports plus on demand blockbuster and classic movies. 80 radio channels plus a jukebox with over 5,000 music tracks and a headphone jack

• Snacks, club meals and refreshments ordered from the TV system and then delivered to your cabin or the ability to visit 'The Galley' where the cabin crew are available 24 hours a day

In addition - the Premium cabins include:

• A double bed that deploys to a couch by the touch of button (think first class private cabins on an aircraft)

• Input for your own MP3/CD player to play your own music choice through the TV speakers.


::Yotel via ::Dezeen and ::Springwise

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