Less is More: This is Not a Ming Vase

ming vase becomes dinnerware photo
Short of cupboard space in your kitchen? French designers ibride offer this lovely Ming-like vase which you can keep on the counter. As can be seen below the fold, it comes apart to make a lovely place setting of melamine dishes and bowls, with "poetic graphic interiors."

It is hard to tell from their flashy site and their incomprehensible designer-speak, but ibride appears to be a trio of designers and publishers from La Veze, France. ::Ibride via ::Apartment Therapy


Google translation, of Made in Design:
Reader Ron provided us with a much better translation:

L'extérieur blanc et épuré de ce vase renferme une vie secrète : à
l'intérieur des contenants s'épanouit un monde graphique, grouillant de
personnages fantastiques !

The white and pure exterior of this vase contains a secret life within; the
insides of the containers take you on a trip into the world of the arts,
teeming with fatnastic beings!

Les sublimes illustrations nous plongent dans un univers sous-marin
étrange et poétique : les abysses sombres, peuplées de monstres
inquiétants, s'éclaircissent à mesure que l'on remonte à la surface
jusquà la voûte céleste...

The illustrations plunge us into a strange and poetic undersea universe;
the dark abyss ,populated by bizarre creatures, becomes lighter and
brighter as we rise to the surface to meet the sky.

Un objets habité, respirant, pleinement existant
This truly is a living and breathing object full of life.

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