Less is More: Stairs as Storage


Integrating storage into stairs like this makes so much sense in small spaces. It is common in Japan and I have seen Chinese furniture like this, but Voet-Theuns architecten have given it a modern spin. 2007-12-17_090532-stair-storage-looking-up.jpg

A commenter at Materialicious notes that "in Belgium (the country of Voet-Theuns, and probably also the location this project) it’s quite common to have a ‘loft bed’ in student rooms. That’s because these rooms are quite often in old houses, with tall rooms. The landlords make into the room a second ‘floor’ for a bed (the height is only 1,5 meters, but that’s all you need to sleep), which saves a lot of space in the room."


hey, it's a flatpack! ::Voet-Theuns architecten flash-crazed un-navigatable site; follow "objects" then "hybrid2-trapcaste" via ::Materialicious

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