Less is More: Shed/Shelf by Studio Gorm


It's a lot easier to have less stuff and use less space when everything has its place. You always know where everything is, don't have to go rooting around in that random drawer in the kitchen for something you know you have, and won't end up with duplicate kitchen shears or other easily misplace-able items. Such is the idea behind the clever Shed/Shelf by Studio Gorm: just about anything (and almost everything) one person needs for a studio or small apartment can fit neatly inside, from plates, wine glasses and other kitchen utensils to shoes, clothes and jackets and even a bench and a reading lamp. When in use, they can be out and handy; when you're not busy with them, things can be tucked away in a compact, mobile (notice the casters) package. Not only handy for storage, it offers an interesting critique/commentary on stuff and the notion of what we really all "need" to live. Get up close and personal with more pics after the jump; plus, is that a turbine-powered lightbulb? ::Studio Gorm via ::Pan-Dan





An incandescent bulb?!? What's up with that? Studio Gorm's Lighting Bug

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