Less is More: iwavecube Microwave


TreeHugger is always on the lookout for smaller, more space- and energy-efficient versions of the stuff we all use every day. Recently, iwavecube microwave from Sharper Image caught our eye; it's like the microwave you have now, but smaller. While the Sharper Image markets them as a convenient addition to your collection of appliances, we think it could replace your current microwave and save you some counter space and maybe even a little electricity. If you only use your microwave to reheat a bowl of soup, something like this might be for you.

Like many things at TreeHugger, using microwaves is not a simple yes/no proposition: there's evidence that microwaves are more energy-efficient for some things, but that they're not that hard to live without; conventional microwave popcorn isn't too good for you (or the people who make it), but it's easy to make your own. So, if you're a microwaver, but don't cook entire meals with it, and could use the counter space, it's not a bad way to get more from less. ::Sharper Image via ::Unclutterer

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