Less is More: How a few sticks create elegant coat racks (Photos)

noi hakama clothes rack photo

Inspired by Japanese Kimonos, the coat racks by the German company Noi are sculpture-like structures made from minimum amount of materials. The different wooden objects are all sticks; no need for screws, glue or other fasteners to hold them up. They come totally flat-pack and can be easily dismantled at any time.

noi staebe disassembled photo

The two Berlin-based designers, Nora and Ines, decided to only work with wood; a sustainably harvested, fully renewable and biodegradable material. Oak is their favourite but they also work with Ash and Walnut. Right now, they have 4 designs available: Haori, Hakama, Yukata and Omeshi.

noi yukata with pockets photo

Some come with optional cotton pockets to add additional storage. This is definitely a very minimal and elegant way to hang those worn but not dirty clothes up. Noi

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