Less is More: House Party Table Undercover


designboom, the international industrial design site, is always running neat competitions; we have covered a few of them. The latest was to design an object that would be useful at a party. As always, there are thousands of entries and many are wonderful, (see them all here) but a couple caught our eye, including Table Undercover by zaida okta + Indera Kencana + Angga Rosiawan from indonesia. In small spaces it is often a problem- where do you put things down? As the designers say: A standing party. A room full of people. A plate of pasta on your left hand and a glass of wine on the right hand. No more table to put your glass down so you can start to eat your pasta. Introducing TABLE UNDERCOVER. A kindness from your party host. Just open the picture and, voila, you have your private table. Bon Appetit!Table Undercover closed


undercover open


We like the way one's pictureframes can serve multiple functions. Just don't spill anything. ::Table Undercover