Less Is More: Hot Water Bottles

hot water bottle covers image

Often, really simple ideas work really well. The hot water bottle is a good example. They are back in style in Japan this winter, with promotion on the web and companies like Yutanpo Cuseberry offering attractive, colorful cotton covers with animal themes or vivid polkadot patterns, and ideas for your eco life...

yutanpo hot water bottle photo

This is how hot water bottles all used to look like in Japan - made of steel with a brass cap. Show that photo to anyone over 50 and they will laugh and say: "Hey, I had one just like that!"

kotatsu heating table japan photo

Sitting by the kotatsu heating table, under a thick blanket, is still the way for entire families to keep warm on winter evenings. Rather than heating up the entire house, the cosy kotatsu is a comfortable way to spend a couple of hours together, with a much lower energy bill by the end of the month.

vivid hot water bottle covers photo

By bedtime, the hot bottle helps make the bed warm, usually with hot (reused) water from the bathtub. Oyasumi-nasai (Good night)!

Written by Martin Frid at greenz.jp

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