Less is More: Half Way Modular Sitting System


Put this one in the "Greater than the sum of its parts" file: Teruhiro Yanagihara's "Half Way" sofa consists of a handful of modular pieces that come together in a variety of ways to provide just about any kind of seating you need. New last spring, the pieces combine to form various chairs, loungers, ottomans, sofas, and back again, depending on your seating desires.

With the tagline, "Bigger than for one, a little tight for two," it appears that it was designed for extra-spacious lounging for one or cozy seating for two, though we could see it employed in more flexible ways. It wouldn't be difficult to use this less-is-more system to replace a couch, chaise, lounge chair and ottoman, and just about anything in between; wouldn't it be cool to be able to use something like this to replace the multiple pieces you have in your living room now? Hit the jump to see what else it can do and let your imagination run wild. ::Teruhiro Yanagihara via ::pan-dan


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