Lehman's: Products for Simple Living


Sami's new found delight with his pressure cooker is a reminder that being green doesn't always require having the latest eco-gadget. After all the bicycle is hardly a new invention. And one place you can track down a warehouse of time tested ingenuity is Lehman's. Founded in 1955 to furnish the local Amish, the company trundled along its merry way supplying those who lived without electricity, like homesteaders, environmentalists, missionaries and doctors in developing nation until Organic Gardening magazine ran an article on them. Suddenly the world knew. They sold a three years supply of wood stoves in just two months, and Hollywood period movies beat a path to their door. This purveyor of simple hardworking and durable devices now supplies 208 countries direct from their one acre of retail and warehouse space. With energy, peak oil and climate change on everybody's lips these days Lehmans have turned full circle and are recruiting local Amish craftspersons to fashion goods for today's embryonic return to simple living. Like this above Dual Speed Hand-Crank Mixer ("no motor to burn out - ever"). We previously observed their portable hand cranked washing machine way back when we looked at electricity free laundry. ::Lehman's