LEED For Houses: Prada Label or Prickly Hair Shirt?


LEED Platinum house built by Tom Schey and Kelly Meyer

Felicity Barringer explains LEED for houses in the New York Times and provides an entry for the tired cliche of the month, quoting Kelly Meyer: something energy-conscious "doesn't have to look as if you got it off the bottom shelf of a health-food store. It doesn't have to smell like hemp."

Barringer notes that not everyone is happy with LEED; David Hertz is designing a green house for Pierce Brosnan, who "is not going to live in a 2,400-square-foot home." Hertz goes on to call the rating system rigid and cumbersome.

Counterpoint from Michael Lehrer: "They have mundane things in there that are pretty nonsensical and others things that are pretty profound." He added, "At a time when everybody and their sister and brother are saying 'We are green,' it's very important that these things be vetted in a credible way." ::New York Times

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