LED Loom Lamp from Julian Lwin


We're starting to see LEDs step out a little bit, signaling what appears to be the beginning of the transformation process from conceptual wunderkind to everyday, practical lighting solution. Designers like Yves Béhar (whose Leaf LED lamp got double coverage), the folks at Luceplan and Sven Adolph have embraced the technology and are showing the world that not only can they do everything other lighting can with a fraction of energy use, they can do things traditional lighting cannot. The latest to enter the ring is a new lamp from Julian Lwin, who breaks some new ground with his LED Loom Lamp. It's the first one we've seen that combines organic materials and looks (using a traditional loose hand weave of sustainably managed Ash coppice woods) with the ultra-efficiency possible with LEDs. The materials, local to upstate New York, are used to construct the first in a family of ‘organic technology’ products. We've seen excellent examples of Lwin's work before; his Urban Herbarium, Biodegradable Biotube Bench, Urban Oasis and Galapagos Table have all graced these pages before, but we've never featured his lighting until now. We hope it'll be the first of many. ::Lwin Designs via ::MoCo Loco