Lazy Environmentalist Interviews Top Fashion Designers


We mentioned yesterday that this week marks the third annual Ethical Fashion Show in Paris and this week on the Lazy Environmentalist, Josh Dorfman takes a look at eco-fashion. He says "Forward-thinking designers around the world are merging fashion with eco-awareness and creating real possibilities to adorn ourselves in sexy, chic styles that support a cleaner planet." If you didn't catch his radio show that aired yesterday on the Lime channel at Sirius and, no worries because encore presentations are all this week. Josh talks about refashioning fashion with Annie Langlois, designer and partner of On and On, Deborah Lindquist, designer of her own label, and TreeHugger's on Kyeann Sayer, creative director of our popular Inside Out Umbrella design competition. Encores - Thursday 3AM, 2PM, 8PM; Friday 2AM; Sunday 1PM. ::Lazy Environmentalist