Layers introduces "3D printed products with personality"

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David Graas is a long-time TreeHugger favorite; Before all the hype about 3D printing, he was a master of what we called downloadable design: "in a world where everything can be digitized, why move material when we are interested in ideas, creativity and talent?"

Now that 3D printing is the Big Thing, Graas is on it. He has created a new design label, Layers, "dedicated to bring to you 3d printed products that stand out from the crowd."

Now that everybody's talking about 3d printing (and maybe some of you are already tired of the subject...) there is still a real challenge for designers to translate the possibilities of 3d printing into good design. Beautiful products that serve you well and are made to do so for a long time. The technology of 3d printing is there and obviously has a lot of potential, but now it's up to architects, artists, inventors, scientists and designers to give it direction and meaning.

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Layers will continuously seek the outer limits of what 3d printing has to offer for product design: small scale production of clever products tailored to the needs and preferences of people. 3d printed on demand and close to the customer location. No more transport of products, but transport of data that is turned into a product by the 3d printer just around the corner. Your corner...

His first line of products from Layers has the provocative name Screw You. "Making clever use of the universal PET bottle screw top, the Screw You connectors transform one or several PET bottles into a vase, a toy truck and a food container."

They seem a bit expensive, (269 Euros for the truck?) considering that the customer has to supply their own PET bottles, but hey, that's the price of the Next Big Thing. More at Layers.

Layers introduces "3D printed products with personality"
Designer David Graas hops onto the Next Big Thing bandwagon.

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