The latest in multi-modal transportation: The Belt Scooter

© Ádám Török

We talk about it all the time: the last mile problem, where people have to trudge uncomfortably long distances from transit stops, so they drive instead. Everything from bike shares to autonomous cars have been offered up to solve it. One idea is to go multi-modal; to carry your last mile transport with you. That's how people with folding bikes do it, but they are heavy and difficult in rush hours. Now designer Ádám Török had done the deed, solved the problem, broken the back of the last mile problem with his totally brilliant Belt Scooter, done as his degree project at the University of West Hungary's Institute of Applied Arts.

The belt scooter is a two-wheeled scooter. That you wear as a belt. When you get to your stop you whip it off and unfold it, and ride the rest of the way home. it weighs only 1.7 kilos, or about 3 pounds 8 ounces. If your pants don't fall down and trip you up, you are home in minutes. No more trudging when you can scoot.

The designer notes that technology (and a little leg power) will save us all.

The most efficient vehicles that bridge these two points in the shortest time are those powered by leg power, whose need for specific pathways is a must in every developing city. There is one thing even more important, and that is storage. A vast range of methods has been developed in recent in years but these will all become obsolete if the vehicle is developed that is entirely portable, even wearable as part of our clothing.

More at Behance, Designboom and Citylab.

The latest in multi-modal transportation: The Belt Scooter
Hold on to your pants as we show you how to solve the last mile problem.

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