Last Chance To Enter Core77's One Hour Design Challenge


The remarkable thing about the 1 hour design challenges at Core77 is how clever some of the ideas are, and how well presented, given that they are ostensibly done in an hour. Of course there is no way of knowing if the designer took a day or a week, and some of them look like they took the full month. The competition ending Sunday night is for the design of short term emergency shelters, with the prize being a $500 donation to Architecture for Humanity.

Of course, Cameron Sinclair of AFH would probably say that the last thing the Haitians need are instant houses dropped by helicopter, but it is an idea beloved of designers and they rise to the challenge here.


Some are purely conceptual, like Athom's self-inflating shelter.

The Basic Idea is that the inflatable shelter (and other necessities: food, stove, medicine) are stored inside mock-ups of real bombs. That way these rescue-packages can fit inside a military bomber. So these planes might help people instead of killing them.


Paper designer mshlian proposes a pleated folding structure, with cat.


Here is a tent in a backpack, complete with GPS, lifestraw and mosquito repellent fabric.

See them all at Core77 and enter before Sunday!

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