Laptop Stand is Made Of Concrete

If there is one good thing about concrete, it's that it has a lot of thermal mass. That's why I am intrigued by this laptop stand, designed by Greg Papove. The concrete would keep any computer cool and comfy without moving parts. It also raises some interesting questions about mobility.

The designer tells Harry at MocoLoco:

Foundation is a laptop stand that addresses the mobility of objects. As our lives become increasingly mobile, so do our belongings. The computer has become a very portable object, going from home to work, to the cafe, and anywhere in between.

This laptop stand acts as a dedicated place to keep your computer within your home. It takes inspiration from housing foundations and is created by using formwork similar to full-scale housing construction.

I think it would be better if the computer actually sat flat in full contact with the concrete, and wonder if it could be made higher so that it would act like a standing desk. There could be a big market for that. More in Mocoloco

Laptop Stand is Made Of Concrete
Designer Greg Papove is onto something here; it keeps your computer cool and raises it up

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