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When I first saw the name Superkül on a house in Toronto I wondered how architecture firm could be taken seriously with a name like that. Then TreeHugger founder Graham Hill introduced me to the principals Andre D'Elia and Meg Graham (they all went to school together) and I looked at their work, and quickly decided that they were, indeed, Superkül. It appears that Planet Green's World's Greenest Homes thinks so too.

superkul laneway house

We covered the Laneway House on TreeHugger here: Superkül Laneway House Renovation is Supercool; since that time it has won numerous awards and been shown everywhere, including a profile in Metropolis.

lanewayhouse exterior

The gutsy use of rusted metal is what grabs the most attention, but the way they get so much wonderful space out of an old falling-down blacksmith's shop, recycling and reusing the kind of building that most would not even think of saving, is the really remarkable thing about it. More at Superkül

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