Landmarks not Landfill: Sean Fraser on Building To Last

three minutes of not the most interesting part of Sean's presentation

From the 2008 Heritage Conservation conference: Sean Fraser of the Ontario Heritage Trust says "Conservation is a survival issue"- that the energy and resources wasted in filling dumps with old buildings while putting up crappy buildings with thirty year lifespans is something that nobody can afford any more. He set out a set of guidelines for building sustainably:

-use local materials and local trades;
-repair and maintain with simple technologies;
-build "non-toxicly"- if you can't pronounce the chemical in the building product you shouldn't use it;
-build for durability, not for consumption;
-use proven and tested products and systems;
-detail thoughtfully and conservatively;
-invest in architecture and people, not machinery;
-use rainwater, wind and natural light;

"Build smart, build less, and build to last."