Lake Anne in Reston: Designed For Walking


Lake Anne is a neighborhood in Reston, Virginia, that is built around a picturesque man-made lake. Lake Anne Village Center is completely separated from roads. There are several adjacent parking areas — but these are not visible from the plaza. The are also several walking trails that connect Lake Anne to the other parts of Reston. The trails incorporate tunnels and bridges, so that the residents can actually walk or bike to town and not have to cross busy roads. Not surprisingly, there is a relaxed, social atmosphere at Lake Anne. People can interact in the public spaces, and visit the post office, bank, bookstore and convenience stores.

There are condos and apartments located atop stores and restaurants in the plaza, and they all encircle the lake itself. The plaza was modeled on the "new towns" concept that emerged in western England and Scandinavia in the 1960s. Reston was itself created in 1963 to be a green, walkable community, that integrated urban areas with the original rural surroundings. Reston is a suburb of Washington, DC, not too far from the Washington-Dulles Airport. The sprawl from DC has now reached Reston and surrounds it completely.


Since it's inception, Lake Anne has maintained a diversity of housing sizes, styles, and prices in the area. The community is also one of the most ethnically diverse I've encountered.









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