Make Your Own Colorful Living Walls With These Recycled Wall Planters

KuL Designs Ballavaz Modular Planter© KuL Designs

Sometimes a simple clay pot will not do, especially if you're trying to create a living garden wall. When that happens, these colorful, recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) modular planters from KuL Designs will not only do the trick of letting your plants grow indoors and out -- they're also self-watering, thankfully for the forgetful among us.

KuL Designs Ballavaz Modular Planter© KuL Designs

Called Ballavaz, according to the website the planters come in three different looks and functions, Ballavaz Tu, Ballavaz Juan and Ballavaz Luxe. Each kind is available in ten colors, in sizes 24″x12″ and 24″x18″, while the Ballavaz Luxe category also doubles as a swanky glowing lamp.

KuL Designs Ballavaz Modular Planter© KuL Designs

All of the planters can be mounted with screws or hooks, allowing you to create your own custom configurations, and there's a concealed recess for drip irrigation, meaning that herbs, flowers and even small vegetables can be grown.

More information over at KuL Designs.

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