Kubik Barcelona: Djs & Funky Lights in a Recycled Pop-Up Club.


This summer Barcelona, along with Berlin and Lisbon, has yet again added a unique experience to its party scene, this time with a green touch. What happens when you stack 275 reused water tanks on top of each other, put a separate light in each one and connect them to the DJ’s beats? You’ve got Kubik, an open-air nightclub currently pepping up the Forum Park, a so far fairly unused site in Barcelona, right under the massive solar panel. This lightroom installation has been designed by German Modulorbeat. With a view out on the sea and a cool breeze accompanying the best summer beats, Kubik is definitely one of the best places to take your dancing shoes (or flip-flops) to this summer. (If you don't believe us, check out the videos on YouTube!) This piece of temporary architecture will disappear at the end of September. For more green clubbing check out the Sustainable Dance Club. Thanks Lloyd for the tip! ::Kubik Barcelona

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